How To Pick the Ideal Real Estate Team in Seattle

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With any big transaction that you commit to in life, it always helps to have a team there with you during the process. Having a real estate team in Seattle helps with getting the task done quicker, and more efficiently because a team is comprised of a group of people who each have their own expertise. 

When it comes to selling your home in Seattle, having a team of trustworthy and reliable experts will make the process much less daunting. You’ll be able to avoid any blind spots and have your house sold sooner with the right team. 

How does one pick the right team? Who should be on your team? And how do you know if you can trust them? You are probably wondering all of this right now. No worries, Patrik Warneke of Emerald City Real Estate has all the answers for you. Let’s get right into it. 

Picking the Right Real Estate Team

Real Estate Team in Seattle

When picking a team, Warneke advises doing your due diligence upfront. He says, “you want to find people who are dedicated to your success and will provide excellent customer service”. 

Every person who you choose to be on your team should have a good reputation. The best way to find these people is by considering professional references and searching for testimonials. 

In addition, you can reach out to Emerald City Real Estate for Warneke’s vendors’ list. Warneke has personally worked with these people and will be glad to share the list. 

How To Pick The Ideal Team For Selling Your Home In Seattle

Who Should Be On Your Team?

Real Estate Agent – This person should be from a well-known Real Estate agency. They will be your organizer, the one who has great attention to detail, gives you advice for ways you can sell your home quicker, and the one with the list of potential buyers.

Indicators of a great real estate agent:

  • Has years of experience in the field
  • Is able to educate you on the market
  • Provides regular updates on your home while it is in the market
  • Has a plan and roadmap for selling your home
  • Plans for the unexpected
  • Has proper knowledge of the market
  • Competent at negotiations 

Mortgage Broker – This person will act as a middleman between you and potential lenders. He/she will work with your real estate agent to keep the transactions running smoothly until the closing day.

Indicators of a reliable mortgage broker:

  • Does their homework and gets you preapproved upfront
  • Creates a financial picture for you
  • Finds the interest rates that best suits your needs
  • Saves you time and money by doing most of the legwork
  • Provides expertise required for closing your loan quickly and efficiently 
  • Has a large network of wholesale lenders 

Handyman/Contractor – If you’re selling your home, it is likely that you’ll need some type of repair for both the interior and exterior of your home. Having a handyman on your team will be necessary for this reason. 

How to recognize a good handyman:

  • They are from a well-known and established handyman company
  • They have good reviews on Google or websites like Yelp
  • Has proof of licensing or certification 
  • Punctual and reliable
  • Professional and courteous 

Home Inspector – A home inspector will look at your home and create a written report of what is defected in your home so that you can repair it before selling. Home inspectors are helpful because buyers may want a home inspection contingency, which may cause you to provide a lump sum of money to repair. 

Signs of a good inspector:

  • They have verifiable qualifications and experiences
  • Welcomes you to attend the inspection and wants to give you perspectives
  • Has a wide range of residential property knowledge
  • Quick turn-around for the inspection report

Accountant – There are a lot of tax considerations in selling your home. Don’t overwhelm yourself trying to figure it out. Find an accountant. 

Qualities of a great accountant:

  • They have a lot of referrals 
  • They are a CPA (certified public accountant)
  • They’ve worked with real estate
  • They are proactive about helping you
  • They are transparent and give you an explanation for everything they do

Stager – Having an attractive home in a display for potential buyers is key and helps your home get sold much quicker. Stagers know all the tips and tricks to set your home up for a good presentation, which is why they are worth considering. 

Signs of a competent home stager:

  • They possess the skills of a top-level designer
  • They have a portfolio of photographs that validate their work
  • They have good reviews on Yelp or similar websites 

When it comes to picking your Seattle Real Estate team, be sure to do your due diligence in researching for professionals with proven experiences. These are the people who will make selling your home a smooth process.

However, choose the wrong team or team member and you could possibly set yourself up for more stress than you should handle. We hope this guide helps you find your power team so that you can have your house sold very soon!  

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