Tips for a Successful Home Sale Closing

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In this last installment of the six-part video series, Patrik Warneke, Seattle Real Estate Broker, explains the best and fastest way to sell your home and get it closed in the Seattle area. He breaks down the key differences in a successful home sale closing transaction and offers tips to streamline the process, increase the odds, and the ease of closing and receiving funds for your home.

Your house is now under contract, and your paperwork is signed, dated, and photos have been taken and listed.

Owners holding sold sign after home sale closing transactions.
Owners preparing for home sale closing transactions.
Patrik Warneke, Seattle Real Estate Broker, explains the best and fastest way to sell your home and get it closed in the Seattle area.

Prepare to leave your home.

Your house is ready to be shown, and there are a few reasons why you need to leave your home for the optimal sale at the best price possible. You’ll have everything already worked out with your customized real estate agent.

Have an appointment with your agent for buyers to view your home. 

  • Have selected viewing days and times – You can even have a select time for the showing. You can have days and times to view your house. A great way we find that works is set viewing times, such as 9 am-5 pm. Your home will get the greatest amount of exposure time, and buyers can freely view the house.
  • You never have to worry about not being at home. This information is not posted anywhere. Your agent has specific instructions about the time you have chosen and what information is shared with potential buyers. We let on to buyers the best case scenario, which would be that you are on vacation.

An important rule of thumb is that you are not home.

  • Not being at home allows brokers to sell your home a lot more freely.
  •  More access equals the likelihood of a house often viewed first, which equals a potentially higher price.
  • Often times, brokers will be showing a home around the corner from yours. If that home doesn’t work for the buyers, another house is viewed. Because your home is available, the broker can quickly show it as another choice.
  • The more your house is available to be seen is more people making bigger offers to you.

Leave a letter by the seller.

Leave a letter by the seller that states why you love the neighborhood. It will tell them why you moved into the home and leaves a sentimental and emotional touch. Write a very passionate letter that is cool to buyers. It’s a tool that people love and will engage them in the house. There are many selling points you can mention that will lure that buyer into making an offer on your home.

  • List favorite places to go. Talk about your favorite coffee place or the nice people at the grocery store.
  • List anything significant to you about the home and neighborhood.
  • Talk about why you love spending time in the backyard, gazing at the stars, trees, or nature.
  • Talk about the convenience of the location.
  • List how the community works together and how you enjoy your neighborhood.

Preparations for your house-viewing.

1.) Offers, Offers, Offers. It would be best if you are prepared for offers. They appear quickly, and buyers are already prepared to negotiate.  

  • Have an offer review date. Ask your broker how this works. You can quickly answer frequently asked questions.
  • People may ask how old is the water, or when the roof was installed. You want to make sure you have these questions answered.

2.) Know how many views you are getting. Ask your broker how many people are looking, so you are prepared to negotiate. Your broker will help you with anything, so stay in excellent communication about what is happening. 

3.) You got the offers you like. Now you will work on the following items.

  • Negotiations.
  • Selecting a winning offer.
  • Understanding what is important to you within the negotiation. An example of this is that the seller may rent the home from the new buyer and becomes the tenant.

We hope that we’ve covered this topic thoroughly. If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us from our website: or contact Patrik via call/text: (206) 920-6540, or email: 

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